Eco-Pro is a complete home services company certified by the IICRC. Our focus is on providing extremely high quality service as well as using Eco-friendly, Green and Natural products and solutions.

Our 2 biggest assets are our highly trained and experienced staff, and our vast resources when it comes to being able to offer such a wide variety of services. If you put your trust in Eco-Pro we guarantee your satisfaction.


Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

ECO-PRO Mattress Cleaning is Ottawa’s #1, 100% natural mattress cleaning company. Unlike other Ottawa Mattress Cleaning services ECO-PRO Cleaning also specializes in other services such as steam carpet cleaning, spot treatments, and pet stain removal (urine, and fecal stains) from carpet and upholstery.

Many Ottawa residents aren’t aware that cleaning your bedroom mattress is just as important as cleaning anything else in your home. ECO-PRO mattress cleaning and sanitation service uses only the latest, most advanced methods of cleaning to eliminate allergens, mite feces, dust mites, bacteria and more.

If your mattress is over a year old it is probably harbouring irritants such as dust, dirt and pet dander that can be detrimental to your health. ECO-PRO Mattress Cleaning in Ottawa recommends that you have your mattress cleaned at least once every six months with our advanced mattress cleaning and sanitation methods to sleep in a cleaner, healthier environment. ECO-PRO Mattress Cleaning gives Ottawa clients piece of mind knowing that your family is sleeping on a clean, dust mite-free mattress.

If you suffer from allergies, a mattress sanitation along with one of our specialized allergy cleanings can vastly improve your health and well being.

Having your mattress cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis may prolong the life of your mattress and decrease symptoms of asthma and viruses.

Many other Ottawa mattress cleaning companies claim to be “Natural” and “Green” but do not fully understand the difference between the two. Click here to learn more about the differences between green and natural mattress cleaning and how it affects your family and pets.

Urine Treatment for Mattress

Ottawa, Mattress Cleaning and Sanitation

UV-C Mattress Cleaning isn’t as common in Ottawa as it should be. If you currently live in Ottawa I’m sure at some point either you or someone you know living in Ottawa has had cockroaches, bed bugs or some type of insect infestation problem that has lurked into their mattress, its mandatory that they get their mattress cleaned. If Ottawa residents were to book regular appointments to clean their mattresses, I’m sure this problem would start to decrease.
View the following video to see what we are actually sleeping with and why it is so very important to have your mattress cleaned on a regular interval.

What is UVC?

UVC is used to clean mattresses and is a germicidal light that kills bacteria and viruses by destroying microorganisms. Anything that contains DNA will be destroyed by the light. This includes viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, bugs and mites. We use UVC light along with our hybrid method of steam-cleaning and encapsulation. Stains, odours, mould and mildew don’t stand a chance!


  • Influenza
  • Salmonella
  • Strep
  • Staph
  • E.Coli
  • Fungus
  • Dust mites


Regular Mattress Cleaning is the key

Getting your mattress professionally cleaned every 6 months will help to reduce allergens and keep your mattress fresh, healthy and clean. ECO-PRO mattress cleaning provides both residential and commercial mattress cleaning using only the highest quality UV-C Light Technology on the market along with Botanical disinfection Technology to ensure an environmentally friendly powerful mattress cleaning.
We pride ourselves on serving Ottawa with the most up to date mattress cleaning methods available to Ottawa using professional, commercial black light technology and more. All of our mattress cleaning products are natural, eco-friendly, pet friendly and free of chemicals.
Right now for a limited time in Ottawa you can have one free mattress cleaning and sanitation with your first Green house cleaning package. Additional services are also available. Please visit our Cleaning Packages page to choose what package best suits your needs. Thinking of buying a mattress in Ottawa? Alexian Carpet and Flooring seems to have good reviews for mattresses in Ottawa.


  • Ottawa Residential mattress Cleaning
  • Ottawa Commercial mattress cleaning
  • mattress Steam cleaning ( along with our hybrid method that includes encapsulation)
  • Upholstery cleaning (all types of furniture cleaning)
  • mattress Stain removal
  • mattress Spot treatments
  • Carpet repair
  • mattress Odour neutralization
  • Expert carpet cleaning
  • Ask about our 5-step method

Products / Equipment

  • Professional/commercial water extraction Equipment
  • Air Movers: for fast drying carpet, under pads and extra ventilation
  • Laser Measuring
  • Black Light Technology
  • Esteam: Healthier Cleaning Concepts.
  • Benefect: Benefect Botanical Technology
  • HEPA 500 Air Scrubbers


If you have already purchased a mattress here are some tips to keep your Ottawa mattress looking new:
  • Place your mattress in a room with drapes to lessen sun damage on your mattress.
  • Turn your mattress end to end once or twice a year to avoid uneven wear and tear.
  • EC0-PRO mattress cleaning recommends having your mattress cleaned twice a year, so turn it before every ECO PRO mattress Cleaning appointment. Prevent sliding and prolong the life of your mattress by pads underneath your mattress. The pads should be about an inch smaller than the outside of the mattress (not including the fringe). Most importantly, be very careful while storing your mattress. Before it is stored, have your mattress cleaned by ECO-PRO mattress Cleaners, sprayed with insecticide and wrapped in protective plastic or tough synthetic paper like Tyvek building paper.
  • Lastly, make sure you hire a professional Ottawa mattress cleaning company like ECO-PRO to make sure the colors and fabrics aren’t ruined. To receive a free quote for Ottawa mattress cleaning contact us today and ask how you can get 10% off your first clean.


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Mattress Cleaning Service
Our hybrid method of steam cleaning and encapsulation offers a lower moisture cleaning method that actually extracts all of the foreign products in your mattress.
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Urine Treatment
Any mattress that has been contaminated with urine, fecal matter or any other blood borne pathogens needs immediate attention and the proper procedure and controlled treatment.
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Allergy Cleaning Packages
For those of you that suffer from allergies, we have a package designed for you that is an effect strategy and method to give you fast relief.
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Additional Home Services
ECO-PRO additionally offers Duct cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, house cleaning and many other services.
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